Spruce Street

This San Francisco kitchen had seen better days. It featured formica and flowered wallpaper, ancient appliances, and a linoleum tile floor.

Spruce Street kitchen before

I designed a new kitchen that eliminated needless walls and added floor space taken from the back porch. To maximize storage we filled every available wall surface with tall, custom-designed cabinets.. The cabinet doors are my own design, finished in white lacquer.

Spruce Street kitchen cabinets

An island discourages wandering through the cook's work area and provides a conversation perch for guests. The island top is made from walnut taken from the owner's property in Sonoma. While planing the wood to be joined for the top, we found 22-caliber lead bullets embedded in the wood—the owner had used the trees for target practice. The bullets remain under the oiled finish.

Spruce Street new kitchen

Adjacent to the kitchen is a pantry hall that received new cabinets and a wet bar with refrigerator and wine cooler. Granite was used for the countertop and backsplash.

Spruce Street wet bar

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