Green Design

This 1700 sq. ft. one story home incorporates non-exotic, sustainable, green measures and materials. It is sited on a meadow in a walkable village setting. The outward appearance does not give away its Green pedigree; this house has earned a platinum rating from Marin County for new homes under 3500 sq. ft. The rating system starts with a minimum of 50 points to obtain a building permit, and tops off at 126+ points for a platinum rating. This project incorporated green products and procedures adding up to 135 points. See the Marin County Green Building website for the full story. Construction costs are not appreciably higher than conventional construction when life cycle costs are taken into account.

Green Design in action

Green Design in the landscape

Construction details matter.

The items indicated in the above drawings are just part of the Green Design strategy for this house. The entire list is too long to include here. Contact us to include your project in the Green Revolution. Be part of the solution!

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